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This is my writing sanctuary, where my life stories have found a home in which to prosper.

Favourite quote - Albert Camus

Get to know me…

Hi! Just call me Mies, short for Michèle. Welcome to my ever changing, very messy (mid)life phase that’s filled with tons of mixed emotions. To survive, cope and thrive I capture serendipitous moments of daily life in a wonderful world of words.

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Book Nook

I was one of those kids who would secretly read in bed under the duvet covers with a flashlight in hand to illuminate my way through the many stories. My favorites were Nancy Drew, anything by Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl and later on Agatha Christie, Gerald Durrell and many, many others!

Nowadays I read all sorts of genres. I hope that by sharing my most favourite reads with you here, you’ll get to also read some gems that you may not have otherwise encountered.

Happy Reading!

Kokoro by Beth Kempton
Weathering - Ruth Allen
The Traveling Cat Chronicles

Note: my afiliate partner is bol. therefore I’d like to let you know that whenever you buy a book through my website, I get a small percentage of the sale and that helps fill my piggy bank to buy more books to read and share with you here in my momentous bookcase. I’d like to express my gratitude for supporting this enjoyable obsession of mine! Much obliged.

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World of Words

Welcome to my World of Words Writing Sanctuary!

Writing has been a huge part of my life ever since I was gifted my very first diary.

I co-wrote two Dutch ‘Wereldwijven’ books with a few wonderful Dutch women worldwide and soon my ‘Living la Vida Loca’ dating blogs will finally find their way into a self-published book. Stay tuned for that!

Nowadays I spend most of my days journaling, writing and reading. Creating a world of words on paper makes me happy, it offers a breath of fresh air whenever I feel stuck and it helps me ease through the rougher parts of life. Whenever I get lost in my writing I feel the presence of something bigger than just my passing thoughts.

For me, it’s all about capturing the small but momentous moments of daily life and finding my particular purpose in that life.

Are you passionate about writing too? Drop me a line so we can connect and so that I can update you about all my future World of Words ambitions!

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Momentous Moments Blog

Ode to writing

if not for you…  I would not know myself, I would not delve into the depths of being, I would not question why I am alive, why I exist or even what my purpose is foreseeing. if not for you… My thoughts would dissipate like hollow glances into space. if not for you… My words …