First Knight

One fine day out of nowhere and without a single warning….you meet a lovely and decent guy. As in fairytales, out of the blue, unexpected and so exciting !! A first encounter is soon planned, no time to change your mind, this time a restaurant setting in the middle of the countryside, for lunch on a sunny day. Nerves travel up and down your body, heart seems to skip some essential beats, leaving you breathless at times. Face flushed with a sweet pink blush, like the ones little kids get after an exciting ride at the fair. And off you go, to meet…

You take a look, recognise your date and feel a sigh of relief, that this time, it is truly the guy in the picture. A kiss on the cheek to greet each other and then you place yourself opposite to him at the table, feeling so excited and relieved that that first moment has just passed. Within minutes wine is ordered and gulped down, to relieve the tension and the everlasting nerves…. it thankfully helps.

For once the conversation is smooth and oh so alike, recognizable experiences and lifes’ stories….you both have children, both have ex ‘s, both have so much to offer, yet with such caution. You hardly manage to nibble on the delicious food that is served with great care and a wink from the waiter as he sees you’re on what seems to be an actual date !

Conversation is great, time flies, and then you realise you had so much fun, with a person who is practically a perfect stranger to you. After a goodbye peck on the cheek, you each return to your own lives, and ponder all that was said and told. Finding that the other person keeps entering your mind at intervals, and you wonder how it could all have such a great effect on you, that sudden meeting with a perfect stranger…

Opportunity presents itself and date two is made, a movie….now this is a challenge for there is no room for talk, just silent sitting and staring, with an occasional laugh or tear….again it feels comfortable and familiar. Way past midnight you once again receive a kiss on the cheek with the promise of keeping in touch. (Now where have we heard that before…) You leave and wonder whether this time this guy will follow through, whether it is possible to trust again, believe again. As human as we are, we do, we not only believe but we have hope and cherish the promise made.

Happy amazement when a day and a half later a picture arrives in your email inbox. He is out there having fun, yet thought of you…and wanted you to be a part of it..sharing it and caring enough to know you’ll appreciate it..!!
After building up the excitement for a few days, another date is planned, carefully, and in secret. The genteman that he is he arrives exactly on time, smelling fresh and clean, and looking oh so good. Nerves seem to melt as soon as he walks in the door, champagne bubbles and strawberries form the decor to a lovely evening sharing lifes’ tales and sorrows. A bond seems to be forming magically, a sense of wonder fills your soul and curiosity makes you want to know more and more about this man. Time flies, stories told, experiences shared…..

Then at midnight the fairytale slowly comes to an end as you realise that you both have to get up early the next day, so after some lingering…’s time to say your goodbye’s… so sweet and so innocent, a perfect gentleman still, and you find yourself longing for that first kiss, that tingle and suspense….
And there… like in the movies, just before he leaves, he kisses you, leaving you breathless and flushed and longing for more….

The very next evening is date number four….is it possible to have found that first Knight ?!! πŸ™‚
(Or is this once again a set up for one of lifes’ great lessons ?!)

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