Slowly Shrivelling

I decided today that I am getting OLD !!! My face has gone wrinkly…..37 has caught up with me and become visible. No longer able to pretend to be young, by acting it, as the lines on my face give it away now.
Not sure I really like that, even though I used to think I wouldn’t have a problem with ageing at all…well, apparently… I do. It’s strange how men seem to get more handsome with age, yet women just shrivel and crumple. Mother Nature, must have had her say in this….obviously making sure she kept plenty of good looking men around for herself !

Of course there are ways to make it ‘go away’; botox, fillers, face lifts, you name it !! But the fact is….you’re only delaying the process and in time it catches up with you anyway.
So, after having bought a very expensive ‘plumping cream’, and carefully rubbing it on my face, I realised there was absolutely no change…and just the mere realisation of THAT has created yet another ‘frown’ on my creasing face !!!

So now what….just accept it and grow old in dignity ?! No way, I refuse to !! It is not fair, that only half our lives we’re allowed to roam wrinkle-free-and-young on this planet. All fashion dictates in magazines is outer beauty, and ‘photochoppedshopped’ perfection….and here I am with my face and hair in the process of slowly shrivelling and thinning out by the day hour…

Stuck in my ‘sexual peak’ years, finally feeling comfortable enough with my body as it is, (which is by no means as great as it used to be 😉 ) yet now having to switch off the light to hide my wrinkles….and having to accept that time is catching up and taking it’s toll, all in one subtle move one glorious morning…. The day you all of a sudden look older, than yesterday…. Doom’s Day !!

I find myself wanting to scream, but refusing to do so, as screaming may create even more wrinkles ! And the thought of one more small hint of a line, just horrifies me !!!

In my ‘younger’ days, I used to see older women on TV, and I remember thinking and saying, “look at what a wonderful life she’s had, you can tell by the lines on her face.” Well, I no longer seem to agree with that thought. It’s a fright in the mirror every morning….shocked to encounter my own reflection, feeling not a day over 20 yet looking way older !!! I think I may officially be having a crisis of age….I’m afraid Carl Jung warned us all for this, ‘an emotional transition as a normal part of the maturing process…’ (sounds like Swiss Cheese to me… 😉 ) but I guess he was right…and there are five phases to go through. I’m still in the first one…shock…!! Denial, depression, anger and acceptance still need to come…so wrinkles beware, this fight’s not over YET !!!!

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