It has begaffled me (sounds nicer than baffled, even though it’s non-existent-as-far-as-I-know) that there is an option ‘followers’ on this blog system. That means that if someone is actively a reader of your blog, they have the possibility to ‘enroll’ as a ‘follower’. I find this fascinating. I, myself am a curious ‘follower’ of a few blogs and must say that it always surprises me to see how popular others are, just judging from the amount of ‘followers’ they have !

So….since I have exactly ONE follower, and a lovely one at that, I am feeling a little left out of the ‘in-crowd’. I’m hoping it’s not a reflection on my writing skills or crazy story-telling-talent. 😉

I’m thinking that probably…some readers would rather stay anonymous. You see, just because I bare MY soul, it doesn’t mean others will do the same and join. Everyone is different, I know, but I have often wondered if life wouldn’t be easier if we would just open up ourselves a little more to others and not be so afraid of getting ‘trampled’. However hurtful that could turn out to be….
It broadens our emotional scope you see, you become more vulnerable, yes…but in return, your heart and soul open up and kindness and empathy start seeping out. The world seems happier, and life much easier….well, until or unless you are confronted with the brutes around us. Those who live by their own rules and no one else’s…taking only their own feelings and wishes into account ….thinking themselves better than others just because.

I have encountered those a few times I’m afraid to say. Those who do not care what maelstrom is caused by their actions or words. The type that bulldozer themselves through life, leaving trails of devastation, yet not once looking back to see the damage, and on the rare occassion that they DO look back, it will never occur to them that they mlight have had anything to do with it.

Nothing wrong with trying to educate some sense and sensibility into them, trying only to find a balance which suits us all. Is that possible ?!

Can we all just be a little kinder and more loving ?! Instead of so judgemental and opinionated ….I wonder…

Oops, side tracked ….

Back to ‘followers’ … point being….if you enjoy reading this ‘stuff’ and feel no shame to admit to it…please feel free to start filling up my ‘followers’ box that looks so utterly lonely and pathetic with just the one devoted friend follower !!

I, on my side promise to keep you entertained and up to date on the latest of life’s happenings…all twists and turns, the good and the bad, the funny and the sad….

Next topic is ….. ‘complicated’…;-)

2 Replies to “Followers”

  1. Well dear Mies,

    To put it bluntly:
    – you have to earn your followers
    – first question your potential followers are considering before adding themselves to your list of followers : "what's in it for me"

    Your writing is fun to read but why bother becoming a follower when I can read it anyway. Where's the added value?

    I have my own little hobby blog/website and in 8 years time have grown to something like 8 or 9000 unique (!) visitors evety month for some 25-30.000 visits monthly, but hardly any registered readers/followers (a couple of hundred). But who cares… I enjoy writing my stuff from time to time and know that sometimes I touch someone or get something changed. That's way more interesting than yet another stat on your site… So just go on writing and sharing your thoughts and have fun doing just that !


  2. Dear Ernst….

    Fantastic points you make !! Thank you for reminding me that it is not in quantity but quality that we find satisfaction and (self)appreciation!!

    Even so, it's nice to receive some feedback now and again…and of course constructive critisism is the type one can evolve with and better.

    So…thank you for popping by, I am amazed at your own progress and wish you many more 'touching' times on your own blog/website !!!

    Take care 🙂

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