Landscaping Weirdness

I have been a “stay at home mom” for a few years now. Lucky enough to have had that chance and possibility, and love and cherish it still today. I guess I have always felt that the saying “you only live once” is something that becomes brutally obvious once you have kids. It is only once that you see them take their first steps, once that you hear their first mumbling of words, once that you experience the joy of their first smile…. It has been a pleasure to have been able to see this with every one of my children.

Then you realize it’s all about letting go, they slowly start taking steps on their own path of life and gaps start to form, they develop a life outside of the family circle. And as a parent it’s totally scary yet very exciting to see your little one blossom in a different enviroment being school, at their sports activities, or with grandparents, family and friends. Life becomes an endless adventure for them. A playground of experiences.

Even so; it is at first hard and a great shock to the system when all of a sudden the family circle breaks and you start missing out on some of their important moments in life. It becomes a ‘hear say’, of experiences shared with their dad, his girlfriend, and their friends and family. At first it seems unbearable, but like everything in life, it just needs some time to get used to. As a mother all you want is to see your kids happy, and I must say that my kids are a very jolly bunch! They trot from my home to their dad’s home with great ease and joy and seem to be dealing with the whole situation superbly. I am proud of them, and have now learnt to hear their stories and experiences second hand, with a weird sense of having ‘been there…and done that’…as they happily share them with me!!

My children have coped amazingly well, and I am incredibly proud of them, it is therefore with much love and admiration for them that I make this blog a tribute to their unconditional love and fantastic storytelling abilities ! Thanks guys!

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