Dating Mania

Recently I’ve started to date again. It has been a real challenge, as the world seems to be running out of decent men.
I joined an internet dating site out of curiosity and it has felt as if I have been doing catalogue shopping ever since! Yoohoo! A girl just loves to shop, right?

The site I joined has easy access for all, and you can mainly scroll through literally millions of pictures of (available) men – (or women if that’s your preference). You’d think that such a collection of men would be more than enough to choose from, but when you find yourself having been viewed by five thousand of them and you realize there may be two or three that you actually would consider as potential dates it kind of shatters your expectations.

One of the first guys I chatted with, seemed too good to be true, he was good looking, a model, a few years younger than me and keen to set up a date. I was thrilled ! I printed his picture and of course showed it to all my girlfriends, who in turn told me I was out of my mind as they were in total disbelief. Once he and I had decided to actually meet and have our first date, he suddenly disappeared off the site. Yikes…I thought, now what?! A few weeks later I received an email from him telling me to check out his new website.I did… and to my great astonishment he had started his own business. He was a gigolo!!!

A few months ago he re-appeared on the dating site and had checked out my profile again, so we got back in touch for a little while. Last month a friend of mine told me he was featured in a women’s magazine, an article about his life as a gigolo… I guess it made a great ending to that ‘dating’ experience…!

In the meantime I had kept scrolling and window shopping….and found myself a new potential date. Of course he was Dutch… yes I do seem to have an outspoken favouritism for Dutch men. We decided to meet halfway, he would take the train and I would pick him up at the station. As inexperienced as I was at this, I even told him what colour and brand my car was so he couldn’t miss me. So…on a Thursday night, I drove to our meeting point and as I approached the station I could see my ‘date’ waiting for me. Instinctively I wanted to keep driving as withing 2 seconds I had decided he was not the man for me!

But he recognized my car, waved at me, got in and as he introduced himself I kept thinking ‘Oh my goodness, how do I get rid of this guy as soon as possible?’ He produced a list of possible activities we could do (can you believe it?! Who does that, I wondered?!!). I told him I wasn’t too hungry and that maybe we could just have a quick bite somewhere. We found a cosy restaurant and I ordered the smallest salad on the menu, he proceeded to order a full blown meal for himself.

The chit-chat started and I realised that I was only paying so much attention to his words, but ever so much attention to his hair! Yes, his hair…! On the way over to the restaurant he had mentioned not having been able to get his hair thinned out lately. I found it odd that a man would be preocupied with such detail, but figured he was just being polite and making conversation. So, sitting there opposite him at the table I couldn’t help but investigate his hairdo…it was awful. He seemed to have thicker hair at the front of his head and it looked a bit like a bird’s nest. All of a sudden he excused himself. I couldn’t help but giggle at the whole situation, and of course sent around a few text messages to curious girlfriends, wondering how my date was going.

When the guy came back to the table and sat down, I couldn’t believe my eyes…he had actually attempted to ‘fix’ his hair!!! And it was wet, the waterdrops were even dripping down his sideburns and forehead. At this point I knew I had to get out of there as soon as possible, or I’d never stop laughing. I hurried him along and we paid for our meals. We quickly made our way to my car as it was raining cats and dogs. (Imagine what THAT did to his hair.  I don’t think I’ve ever driven that fast in a town I didn’t know, just so I could drop him off at the station as soon as possible…

I parked my car close to the curb and politely gave my date a handshake, he pulled me towards him and kissed me…

WOW, I thought, this guy is a great kisser..!!! And then visions of his weird-and-nesty-hair flew through my mind and I heard the bus honking it’s horn behind us, in a flash I stopped kissing, told my date he had to leave, pushed him out and found myself driving away, waving at him whilst he stood in the pouring rain flabbergasted and in shock waving back at me.
I roared with laughter and couldn’t stop … never again will I go out with a guy who’s having a ‘bad hair’ day (date), I thought… !


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