Mr. Hunky Dory Contest !


It seems that we may be hosting a Mr. Hunky Dory contest soon !  I suggest that all men who feel they comply with the requirements of the competition, enrol asap !

Requirements :

– Preferably Dutch and if you’re not, then make sure you have enough looks to make up for it !
– Aged between 30 and 40, an exception can be made if you comply with 90% of the other requirements.
– No kids, but if you have them, then you too need to make up for it with your looks !
– Blond, but with brains
– Blue/green/grey eyes….just not brown !
– Tall-ish
– Good build, that means not too skinny and no beer belly !
– No guts, no glory attitude
– Sexy yet not aware of it, if possible.
– You have a job, a proper one !
– Sense of humor, but if you’ve read this far, then I guess, you qualifiy for that.

All candidates will be considered and tediously questioned  before being officially entered into the Mr. Hunky Dory contest. If you wish to apply leave your name and a number where we can reach you either in the comment box below, or on our fan page on facebook. We will get in touch with you asap.

The prize is an all expenses paid date with a gorgeous, funny, sweet and sexy mother of 3; with no signs of desperate behaviour AT ALL.

PS. You agree that if you are not selected for this contest, you will automatically be entered in the Mr.Hopeless Loser competition. The prize hereof will most likely be the same as mentioned above, but by then she may exhibit desperate behaviour.

Thank You  for your interest

The Living la Vida Loca Social Club

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