Writers Block/Blog !

Yikes, I haven’t been at this for very long yet, but I think I’ve reached my first writers block moment ! I can’t entirely blame myself though…it’s the people around me that have caused it. (Ha, isn’t it fun to blame others in cases like these ?! ;-))

I hosted a Mexican dinner party the other night…chili con carne, corona beers with lime, tortillas, guacamole, the works…and the first thing I noticed was that no one dared to share a thought, or speak their mind much, afraid that it might be ‘printed and published’ online by yours truly ! I’m presuming of course…although my sixth sense never lets me down.

Thing is…if you guys start shutting down, well, then there won’t be any vida loca stories left to write or tell ! You see, you’re my living fun factory !

Thank goodness for alcohol in these cases…..just pour enough into a person and the mouth starts moving and producing sounds again.

Speaking of alcohol-driven-speech….I have a friend who, when sober, is difficult to understand, but when he’s had a few drinks…he completely loses me in translation. I didn’t have the heart to tell him at first, but after a few encounters at our local bar and me just trying to nod at the right times, laugh when I presumed appropriate and appearing shocked or surprised when it seemed necessary, even though for the past 4 hours I had not understood a word of what he’d said to me…. I decided it would be kinder to just tell him, so in all honesty I have done so. I am happy to report that we are still friends, and I am now becoming a master at deciphering his ‘native’ tongue.

Mexican night turned into an evening of so much laughter, that I am wondering whether I should tape my face at night, to get rid of all the laugh-wrinkels I seem to be getting by the day. Botox can only do so much and I seem to be laughing so often that my face is starting to show serious signs of a happy life !

For those of you who have only met me in the past few years, you should know that I used to be a very different person. I think I was just fun-factored-out-of-life. Everything and anything seemed difficult, annoying and very tiring. And I used to blame others for my own misery. Afterall, it couldn’t jolly well be ME that was making my own life so miserable, could it?!

Thank goodness for shitty tough times in life, because if it weren’t for those, I don’t think I would have ever woken up to smell the coffee !! (And yes, coffee does smell sooooo good at times !!)

From then on it was easy…my motto was to enjoy life to the fullest. We’re only here once, and we have no idea for how long….reality truly hit me.

That’s when happy-party-coffee-drinking-sociable-fun-loving-men-craving-outrageous-acting ME was born !! I started Living my Vida Loca!!

Nothing to do with abusive alcohol consumption by the way !  😉 Just an honest desire to always look on the bright side of life !

Point is ….it doesn’t quite matter how you do it, just enjoy life as it comes, pick out the best moments which are always highlighted by the worst, and live from the heart.

I guess it just goes to show that everytime I think I won’t have anything to say…I still fill a page with useless, yet entertaining bullshit master pieces !!! 😉

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