This year is coming to an end and as usual we will all want to start the year with new and improved resolutions as we re-solution our old habits and faults. It has become tradition to make an attempt to better ourselves at the start of every year. Because it seems that that is the only moment we can truly start out fresh. A clean slate, and many many intentions to re-try this new year. Frankly, all my old attempts seemed to have failed by January 5th and those that were left, got pushed along the year until they finally moved on to the next year. Some things were up to me and others just things I wished for and therefore had little control over. This year is going to be different. I will have been separated for 5 years, I’m turning 38 and I think it’s time to make some mid life plans

Things that make you ‘umpf’….I plan to reintroduce laughter and fun,  empathy and patience. Stuff that will make mine and everyone else’s life better, brighter and so much more fulfilling. Something that will un-regrettably be put away this year is my quest for romantic love. If I am to experience it, it will have to find me as I no longer plan to look for it.

It’s time to enjoy home cooked dinners with friends and family again, evenings with the ‘girls’ watching movies and sobbing away tears through recognisable joy and pain. The kids need a happy and stable mother too, one that knows what she wants, and especially what she doesn’t want !! Because let’s not forget that it is evenly important to stand for either one of those things. We need to once again form the great team that we are capable of being, and with all that in mind and heart, I think that it will be a year to prosperously look ahead to !

A year of re-bonding, re-joicing, re-lating and mostly re-solutions. May all of you out there find this year what you most miss and may you work on things that you do not want to have to do without.
May the small things become important again, and treasurable, may pain and anger find padded refuge to quietly sit and not grow out of proportion. May this year bring softness and kindness within our hearts, so that we make room for others as well as ourselves.

Most of all, may this year bring solutions to all the things we’ve tried and re-tried to accomplish. I look forward to going back to basics so that all the extra’s once again become a treat.

To all a Happy New Year, and may all your good will prosper !!!


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