Weighing in

New year and even though the skies are cloudy and grey mostly, the spirit is up. Some things just gotta go different this year ! Old patterns die hard and new ones aren’t easy to stick to, but this year it’s not a matter of choice. It has to be done, and it has to be done good.

Lately I think I felt a bit like a pot plant, left to wither and not flourish, figured that anything would help me grow and stay healthy, but without adding the right ingredients it turned out to be a foolish thought indeed. So, as the ground at my roots dried out and formed cracks I was surviving on the last little bits of energy left within me. I felt flaccid, just like the poor pot plant.
It’s time to quench the thirst, and fertilize. And so, I have started drinking water again, lots of it, something that I just seemed to forget to do, during the day. As you may know, when you pour water onto dried out soil, it doesn’t really sink in, it just makes the soil float…and so I drift…a little lost for now but knowing that one of these days the water will slowly drench the soil and therefore me too. Slowly but surely it will seep through my pores. As I’m hoping other stuff will sink in too…given time.

So, not only ‘watering’ is taking place but proper feeding as well, in the hope that I will re energize a bit, for I have felt pretty drained these last few months physically and mentally.

Day 4…the water seems to have irrigated my body, it’s making my skin feel creamier and more supple even wrinkles are looking softer. I think I like this !! Not there yet of course but for day four, it’s looking pretty promising.

I know we shouldn’t diet to try to look like page 3 models, and so that is not my motivation. Mine is looking and feeling healthy again, by thinking about what I eat, instead of just stuffing myself with bars of chocolate, handful’s of crisps and practically anything that appears in front of me. At one point even the air I was breathing made me gain weight, that’s when I realized I was g(r)asping for the wrong things in life. I guess I’m trying to become more conscious of what goes in now. I don’t want to bore you with the details, but believe me, it’s a good thing in my case.

January is my most crucial month as all us girls have our birthday to celebrate and therefore lots of cake and party to deal with !! I’ve survived one, 2 left to go !!
Today was my first ‘weigh in’ and eventhough I’ve secretly weighed myself’ ‘in between’ and know the weight has fluctuated, it is now back to what I started with, but I refuse to feel disappointed. I’m sure it’s just a case of my body getting used to this new treatment. Feeling more saturated, I think it’s just a matter of time before the actual weightloss will kick in.

To be honest I too look forward to any phsychological changes it may bring about, curious to find out if the Latin saying… ” Mens sana in corpore sano” turns out to be true, for my head has been weighed down long enough by constant doubts and thoughts.

Wishing myself lots of perseverance and great fun searching for yummy recipes with healthy alternatives at the start of this new year !!

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