The in Between Bits

My friend’s husband turned 40 and had a theme party with his friends and family and yes, I too was invited. The fun started a few weeks in advance as the invitation said disco outfits were compulsory ! As you  may know by now, any reason is a good reason to shop !! This meant we could start our quest for the best disco look ever !! A friend of mine ordered her outfit at an online webshop, and after taking a look myself, I too ordered my party attire ! The fun had begun !!
Yesterday was the big day, and after getting ready and dressing up, I stepped into my car and was on my way to dinner at another friend’s house first. Dressed in a psychodelic colourful dress, a bright pink wig and huge orange sunglasses I think I shocked the entire neighbourhood with my new look !! It was a great big giggle journey…

Arriving at my friend’s house she opened the door and looked fantastic herself !! She was wearing bellbottom’s and a frilly blouse. Her husband who has extremely short hair in real life, all of a sudden had turned into Ozzy Osbourne ! We looked hilarious and could only laugh at each other ! A few minutes later the bell rang and  two other friends walked in…Elvis and Mrs Glitter !!! Elvis even had fluffy chest hair !!
Doesn’t life become a thrill once you take on a different personality !?!

After a delicious dinner and lots of jokes and laughter, we welcomed 2 more friends, he looked like a 70’s version of side show Bob, and I swear she was wearing my mum’s old curtain pattern on an authentic disco jumpsuit, they too were dressed to kill !! Off we were…and our mission was ..DISCO INFERNO !!

All of us, wigs and all, drove through town on our way to the party destination…On arrival we were welcomed by my friend who suddenly looked like Meryll Streep in Mamma Mia….(a real super trooper !!) . The birthday  ‘boy’ was dressed in a white suit with black shirt and huge black afro hair-wig….the disco vibes were all over him !!

It was a night of true disco inferno….the heat was on !! We danced the night away, and held very important filosofical conversations in the kitchen. Plans were made, ideas were born and years were rewinded !!

A little after midnight we all  thanked  the wonderful hosts, crossed the street, only to find my car ……. had been decorated with balloons from the party!! All filled with hellium, blue and white, perky and proudly pointing at the sky ! I couldn’t believe my eyes !! I loved it ! What a wonderful sight ! I stepped into the car, pink wig, balloons and all and drove home proudly and with great joy in the middle of the night !

That night my friend had said something  that stuck with me… she said it would be so nice if we could just have the ‘in between bits’, meaning it would be better to only have life’s good parts, leaving out the stuff we don’t like.

I guess it seems like a wonderful idea, but experience has taught me that without the bad and tough parts in life, we wouldn’t be greatful for the good and wonderful bits. Only after difficulties is life able to give us it’s most glorious moments !!!

For a long time I had a wonderful quote that kept me going…

“In the depths of my winter, I realized there is within me an invincible summer” Albert Camus

I think it says it all…. xx

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