Pubic Revival

Ok, I admit, one of the consequences of having met the love of your life at a very young age, is that  you miss out on a lot of fun stuff in your teens. I know I did, even though at the time I didn’t notice or mind ! Afterall, I was in love, and it was all that mattered.

It is utterly embarrassing  to have been drunk for the first time in my life at age 34… it was a mojito filled evening drunk through a straw… Surrounded by friends and of course Mrs.Goldflower…as some of you may remember…
Yes, Mrs.Goldflower was a real treat to the eye.. nearly 2 decades older than me, yet with perfect ‘Madame Tussaud’ skin, a body many models would die for, a gorgeous winter tan  and elastic legs ! ‘Mrs.Goldflower’…   had a flower decorated handbag and was dressed in gold ! Hence the name.
It was a funfilled evening with many table discussions about men and women in their midlife crisis, and it ended as a true tearjerker. It is a well known fact that women are emotional human beings, and I guess we feel compelled to join in when anybody starts crying, afterall, it’s a great excuse to let it all out, without anybody thinking anything of it !

I had to be driven home by one of my best friends that night. Another friend’s husband kindly drove my car home. How embarrasing is that !?! The kids were upstairs sound asleep. My friend walked me into the house and tried her best to keep me from talking nonsense to the babysitter, she, of course failed horribly, but thankfully I have forgotten what foolish things I must have said. I hope she has too !
At the time I had a great dane, she was a wonderfully caring scooby doo type dog called ‘Fleur’. I remember being ushered up the stairs by my friend and nearly tripping over my dog as she seemed to sense something was ‘abnormal ‘about me that night. In an attempt to guard over me, she nearly tripped us both and walking up the stairs with her ‘on guard’, became a true challenge in the state I was in.
In bed, with some painkillers as a quick-fix-remedy for the next morning, I dozed off into a twirl of a nightmare, only to find that being drunk made my room turn faster than any rollercoaster I had ever been on.

The next morning I was awakened by my kids, bright and early (of course ) !! I realised that I had promised my in laws to visit them and I got up, did the whole English breakfast, bacon, eggs, and even baked beans, thing and was on my way. Luckily I have great parents in law and we all laughed about it over lunch !

The other day I went out for my weekly coffee with one of my best friends. Being creatures of habit we always go to the same place, and have enjoyed the extra service we get there. A young man who is always equipped with a wonderful smile and friendly wink a’wait’s us. This time after months of visiting, I decided to be bold and right after we ordered our drinks, I asked the handsome young man his age. My friend, who is extremely polite, prim and  proper, nearly died of embarrasement, as my question clearly seemed out of line for her ! I guess that even by my standards I had jumped to the next ‘dare-to-ask’ level.
He blushed and informed us he was 24.
“Right”, I said. “Hmmm….”
He built up the courage to ask me if I had thought he was younger or older than that. I told him I had a feeling he was younger. He seemed flattered and thanked me. This whole scene led to my friend diagnosing me as having a ‘Pubic Revival’ which in simple terms means I am reliving my teens, and early twenty’s doing stuff most people have allready done by the time they are my age. I laughed, but when I got home I realised she was right. Life has become an exciting open ended journey and I have finally embarked !!

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