The Life of Riches – My friends at the Trailer park

When you find yourself suffocating in the bling-bling bubble of riches, it’s time for a breath of fresh air ! Luckily I’m one of those incredibly nosey and curious beings and so, I went to visit my friends at the trailer park. It’s absolutely blissful there, a private beach surrounding a small lake, playing areas for the kids and most of all, nature, lots of nature !! (Of all sorts yes, even the people there go for the ‘natural look’ – which means a no nonsense approach to hairy armpits and make up). They GROW with the FLOW ;-). I love it, it helps me forget about all my ‘insecurity’ issues, being surrounded by people of all shapes and sizes,who don’t give a shit, is innovating and well,…. ‘refreshing’ in a certain sense of the word…. !!

On my first visit, I met the wonderful ‘Miss Sop’ ….probably THE ‘trailerpark-babe-on-heals’ (Goodness knows how she manages parading around on those 😉 ). Her nickname derived from her attention craving pouts and smalltalk, and as you may have gathered her actual ‘look’…Once a blond ‘bombshell’, now a forty something with grey roots and wrinkles. The way she flicks her hair is ‘just right’ and only meant for some…..or maybe even for just THE one…THE (only) eligible bachelor at the trailer park. To him I’d just like to say, “thank goodness you’re only there for the summer”… I don’t think you’d survive getting fully ‘drenched’ by Miss Sop !!

Another thing that struck me, and you may think me ‘blond’ for saying so, but….some people have NOT been blessed with very much grey matter IN the head department. And believe it or not, it does not have much to do with hair colour, like we tend to joke about…I guess it’s more to do with ‘breeding’. One guy, simply redefines the word ‘dumbo’….I mean no offence, and I’m sure none will be (or is even possibly) taken on his behalf… He walks around dressed (yes, I guess it’s a miracle he’s dressed!)….in clothes that are at least 4 sizes too big for him, his head looks like an egg with black hair ..(and believe me the mental picture you just made, FITS!) he carries around his iPod (no, it’s not a Walkman, I mean it IS 2012…even at the trailer park….duhhh). If he gets the chance he’ll look for a seat nearby anyone really….to listen to whatever is playing through the earphones, whilst letting out deep and  melancholic sighs of…relief/pleasure? It may even be his way of ‘orgasming’ the sound of music !! Who can say…..!! All I can say is…’s the most terrifying habit I have seen anyone have. It makes you wonder whether this guy is really mentally challenged or a pervert in disguise. I hope the first, even for him.

After spending the day gawking at these ‘new’ and fascinating bunch of people, I went home and realised the bling-bling bubble is not that different a place, (we too have Miss Sops, Mr. Creepies and the way we try to go against the natural flow of nature is so exceptionally frantic that it makes us look just as bizar, if not worse) except we DO have brain matter therefore we SHOULD know better than to behave the way we often do…..or maybe ignorance is (really) bliss… all levels.

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