For centuries we have been fed love story upon love story. Literature has provided us with the most fascinating examples of true love, unrequited love, tragic love, lost love, eternal love, re-united love and so many more breathtaking tales of passionate true love.

But what is love? Really…. Does it exist in real life like it does in the great novels and romantic movies?
And if so…. Then how and when can we tell it’s the REAL Mc Coy?

I have lately mainly seen love go…disappear…and exit the lives of many dear to me, including mine. Not necessarily due to the loss of it, but mainly by choice…However, does love ever ‘choose’ to leave? And if so..was it even real love ? Or just an illusion? ..Sometimes we confuse habit, our need for love or plain lust… for love
Sometimes, as if teasing us….even love prematurely buds, blossoming shortly, only to return later on for the full bloom.

Once a sceptic….but now a born again ‘hopeless romantic’ of this day and age, I cannot and will not let myself believe that anything or anyone can stand in the way of love, of TRUE love. Hence it’s tragic yet hopeful character. Love never dissipates, when two souls that are meant to be; ‘cannot be’ just nestles itself safely into one of our heart’s chambers….patiently awaiting the power of destiny.

Destiny being the glue that binds true love.

So why DO so many of us hide from it? Pretend true love doesn’t exist, or convince ourselves that love is not in the cards for us…that true love does not exist except in fairy tales? That “Happily Ever After” is just a script line, designed as a box office hit. What is it that terrifies so many of us about this heartwarming emotion? Yet we secretly all long for it, cherish the thought of it and hope to find it…to love and BE loved one day!

FEAR – fear of being nakedly vulnerable to a love unreciprocated….Human actions and emotions that may end up tearing up our lovestruck heart and grinding it to dust, leaving us broken and devastated as a result….

The simple truth, however, is…that the power of love is omnipotent… that there is no love without risk, there is no greatness without weakness, there is no glory without guts. In this life, there are few who dare to accept true love …few brave enough to feel it, try it and to open up their hearts to all the possible pain and anguish this attempt may bring. But NOT trying is like NOT living…

It’s ALL or NOTHING when it comes to love.

I like to think that love will find us no matter what, that destiny will work its charms to help us recognise it, and embrace it when it’s staring us in the face…..That our fear of it is unfounded and unnecessary. ….That true love brings no harm but immense joy and warmth to those of us who actually DARE!! …..

 Love  then becomes unavoidable, unregretable and unforgettable….

You can run from love, pretend you don’t see or feel it or even ignore its presence, believe me I’ve tried, but in the end there is no escaping it. Love will find YOU, every time.

So if it’s not today, it may be tomorrow or the next day….but a love that is meant to be, will be….and :
 “unless it is mad passionate extraordinary love, it is a waste of time, there are too many mediocre things in life. Love should not be one of them.” (*Dream for an Insomniac)


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