The life of Riches

Finally I think I may have enough courage to write this blog … Courage I say, because I don’t intend to ridicule anyone, yet at the same time I need to stay close to the facts for this is an account of the life of the riches(t).

Not all of you may know this about me, but I live in a very ‘delightful’ neighbourhood, where only a ‘lucky’ few seem to end up in this lifetime. Most of my friends have mansions of course and even though butlers have gone out of fashion, no one is too proud to have an au pair. After all, juggling ‘2.4 children’ and an entire estate whilst you are also expected to be sporty, drink coffees, and go out to lunch with the ‘girls’ is a heck of a job. One that many working people truly underestimate….

Mornings are started at a fast pace…a quick jump into the ‘Juicy Couture’ trainers and it’s off to school with the kids in humongous cars with divine Italian or sturdy German names in dull colours but with great potence. Once back home, and after a few coffee’s with friends to catch up on all the ongoing gossip of the past 24 hours, it’s time for some action. Tennis, yoga, fitness, jogging, golfing all very adequate sports to partake in. One  particular friend has decided that instead of having to cramp her car into a parking space at the local gym, it is much easier to have someone come to the house for yoga lessons, so for convenience sake, the ‘girls’ do ‘twirls’ on the upstairs balcony whilst the workmen labour around the house. I often wonder what these men must think of these stretch and bend sessions, but I have the sneaky suspicion that they enjoy them just as much as my friend does !!

After all this sportiness, the stomach  is famished  peckish and so a lunch seems more than appropriate… a few friends are rendez-vous’ed and a venue is chosen….chitter chatter time! A favourite topic is men, the lack of, or the inconvenience or sometimes even a rare moment of true appreciation of them. By now, more than half of the ladies are either divorced, widowed or separated and those that are still stuck in a marriage are desperate to either stay in it or find a safe way out.  It is not always an easy thing to be in you see, most men around here work long and far away hours…of course with some much needed golf and Grand Prix breaks to somewhat alleviate their job ‘stressation’ !! Showing their faces at home rarely but instinctively at exactly the right moments, just enough so as not to get the pretty little wife worried or in a notch.

The single women talk long and lengthy about all their new conquests and lovers, leaving some of the marriage struck ones feeling slightly unappreciated, jealous…and wondering whether it would be manageable to have a lover ‘on the side’. (Just to be clear about this, yes, it is very possible for most, were it not that they are exhausted at the end of the day from all the rushing around and dealing with kids and mansion stuff..!!!)

Nearly 4pm and most schools are out, the big rush hours set in….jumping back into the Juicy-butt-print and helping the kids look for a lost rabbit on the home tenniscourt, as the poor soul was left to think it was his new home, being an upper class rabbit and all…. the afternoon stress sets in…and many more crisis situations need to be dealt with, phonecalls, homework, childrens sports activities, nobel-peace-prize- mediation between the kids and a healthy (preferably home-deliverded) meal. All is juggled and managed only well by delegating very clearly what one wants and expects from the live-in-help !!!

Thank goodness, otherwise most of these ‘poor’ mothers would go insane with all these time consuming chores. Then again stress is a great excuse to get a massage and that is something everyone around here loves and indulges in…but lets not get side-tracked.

Time for a sip of wine….well, to continue the flow that started at lunchtime anyway…just to take the edge off, after all it has been a more than hectic day and there is nothing like a good rosé to make up for it at times like these !!

After dinner kids are off to bed, quick kiss and chat, and then back downstairs where all has been neatly tucked away and cleaned by the lovely Filipina-multi-functional-lady…. time to relax and enjoy before the hubby gets home. Finally just before the tenth yawn the front door is unlocked and Mr. Husband announces his precense. Greated by left overs or at times no dinner at all and a wife in an expensive but worn down track suit, with a distinct stench whiff of alcohol, he offers her a peck on the cheek and subsequently turns on the sports channel….now it’s his time to relax and enjoy !! A quick and very brief account of the day is done and off to bed goes the wife, whilst hubby dear watches sports and sex marathons on tv.

I trust I have left you with an accurate yet lasting impression of just another ordinary day in the life of the riches(t) for now…..

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