All I ask…

It’s been forever and at least a day since I’ve been round to my own blog. Funnily enough other people do still pop in to check my posts. Thank you for that!

I’ve been out and about trying to make a proper living and live an organised family life together with my three teenagers and dog – Otis.

I think it’s fair to say that by taking the time to actually start setting my own goals in life and getting more involved with what keeps my kids busy, I’ve learned to appreciate them and myself a lot more!

Some things seem so petty in retrospect. Whilst others, that I should have fought for, I bluntly ignored or pushed aside. Shame on me.

The time of reflection is nearing as Christmas is just around the corner.

And I’ve realised that :

  • the less you have, the less you need
  • – the more grateful you are, the more there is to be grateful for
  • – the less time you waste on negativity, the more positive your life becomes
  • – the more you expect love, the less love you’ll receive
  • – the less time you can spend with friends, the more valuable a moment with one becomes
  • – anything can happen
  • – at any given time
  • – there are no guarantees
  • – living in the moment is worth so much more than living in the past or in the future
  • – sometimes you end up letting go of people you wish you hadn’t
  • – you should never make decisions if not truly from the heart
  • – and life will always, always keep surprising you…when you least expect it.

That’s just a short list of my most important epiphany’s. To give you my long list would serve no purpose as we each have our own reflections to make in life.

I’m thankful for a year of exciting new adventure, starting up my own magazine together with a team of awesome bloggers. Bringing wonderfully talented people together, just like that.

Life was kind of tough this year, some scars were ripped open again and some may never truly heal. I realise that now. Change is not always for the better, but you must strive to make the best of every change you go through.

It’s funny how in the end we remember, not the bad or painful moments, but the times we overcome them. Standing up after feeling defeated. A very important step to take, no matter how many times you fall. Keep getting up, it’s always worth it!

A long intro just to let you know….I’m back!
Never really left.
Some things are just meant to be….
Like Living la Vida Loca and me.

And to get back to what I started off with: all I ask… is that you join me here again, whenever you can.


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