I’m getting there…

Life to some of us is a string of soul searching moments, finding out who we are and why we are what we are. We struggle with our inner selves, our feelings and emotions, debating whether one choice is better than the other and ‘comfort’ our friends and ourselves by saying, ‘yes,I’m fine thanks, I’m not there yet, but I’m getting there.…’

Getting WHERE?? Where are we supposed to be getting ? Is there like an end station to our thoughts and feelings ? Do we approach the day when all will be clear and solved ? Does everything fall into place at a certain point in our lives?? And if that happens, what the heck comes next ?? I mean, once we ‘get there’ right ?! THEN what ?

Nope, sorry, not working for me, this expression is just not how I see things. I don’t have an end destination, no particular place I’d like to get to, or goal that I feel that should be reached. Not because I’m not motivated or plain lazy. But because I do try to keep an open mind and spirit and am constantly searching for challenges and answers to whatever comes my way!! You can’t just define your destination on a random day and work your way to it as if it’s the dishes you’re gonna do !!  I don’t think you can call this ongoing process : – ‘the ‘I’m getting there‘ – any time now – process’. Life on that level is a whole new ball game !! You challenge yourself, awaken, open your mind and soul to thrive on all the new stuff learnt, this then helps you evolve in a certain direction, an evolution that isn’t always designed to better or worsen your old self, just BE. Because that’s what it is, we ARE what we are at certain points in life, due to circumstances and experiences, we BECOME. Every moment we become the next, and every next moment is a new person that we’ve become. Ever changing, yet constant at the core.

Of course we all make a rough draft of what our dreams and wishes are for ourselves and these are good to keep us focused and keep our instincts vivid and they are there to help us on our way along the path of life. No end point though, just millions of possibilities out there just for grabs. We pick and choose as we wish, keep the stuff we like and get rid of what we don’t…and what we pick today, will be different to what we pick tomorrow, as will what we return, and what seems useless now, may one day be (again) of greater value. There is no right or wrong in this….it’s not a test and you can’t fail. So if you can’t fail, then it seems extremely likely that you can’t ‘get there‘ either, which shows how limitless life is and how rich it’s fruits to pick. You’ll never run out of possibilities, chances or risks to take as long as you’re prepared to take them. And once you do…another universe full of options opens up to you just like that. You can always keep changing the combinations adding and subtracting, all the time experiencing the happiness of endless options and chances..

In that line of thought lies my belief and….hope that ANYTHING is possible, ALWAYS !! And so I’m not getting there, I’m on my way !!!

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  1. Super geschreven! Ik hoop dat we elkaar echt weer eens snel gaan zien!! -:))
    Liefs Sandra Stokmans

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