Life of Riches…(Het Leven in het Reservaat)

Have you ever noticed that some people feel so superior to others that no matter who they meet, (unless you’re loaded and of ‘capital-interest’ of course) they instantly forget who you are?! I seem to bump into quite a few of these men (mainly). A while back whilst invited to attend THE party of the year in this glorified circus we live in, I was seated next to a man that I had met on many other occasions. As everyone was looking for their seats amongst the four lengthy and beautifully decorated table rows, he pulled up right next to me, turned towards me and introduced himself – for the 13th time!!

To be quite frank, I don’t change much, hardly yo-yo weight wise and have an easy face to remember. So having to introduce myself for the so-many’eth-time, kind of pissed me off. And so, I said, in my most polite ‘gritting-my-teeth-but-aiming-to-be-friendly-voice’ possible, “we’ve met before, haven’t we?’ He gave me his well rehearsed painfully apologetic smile and arrogantly replied, “oh yes, now I see” (Excuse me, but were your eyes closed when we shook hands ??? All those 13 times ???). 
What is it with this type of arrogance? Does he really think that the vagina he came out of was better than the one I came out of ? Was he breastfed and therefore better milked than the rest of us? Or did his family buy their food at specialist ‘well-bre(a)d’ supermarkets? 
Anyway, after that short and awful intro, he sat down, and of course….turned his back to me during the entire dinner. 
What a blessing !!! His rudeness turned out to be his most honourable deed of the night.
It makes you think though….why do people consider themselves to be better than others, is ‘betterness‘ determined by intelligence or money? Does a big brain or wallet guarantee a wealthier spirit? Of course NOT, we all know that, yet why do some insist that they are and always will be superior to others?
When we reach the end of our time here, we all die, no one is exempted from that. We all stop breathing, all our hearts stop and we all end up either incinerated, buried, or scattered over fields or ponds. But guess what….it’s after that….after death that the crucial truth arises….it’s in how you are remembered, in what you leave in people’s hearts, and how much love you left behind. That is what you truly were, and in which greatness you may one day be remembered.
So, if you’re one of those arrogant pricks that thinks the world revolves around you, take a look in the mirror every morning please and see who’s staring back at you, for one day you might not even recognise yourself and won’t even know who you’ve turned into. Those that once meant something, will easily forget you, because what you thought was so important, will only leave behind and empty ‘air‘ of space.

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