Love Actually

Love hit me completely unexpected.

Tried it’s best to convince me of it’s authenticity and purity.

I kept doubting it, doubting myself.

Until one day, I felt it, like a warm and comfortable blanket it had grabbed a hold of me.

And as I stumbled out the words, love flew away….just like that.

Reality had crept in and strangled it’s enthusiasm, leaving behind only but a sense of tragic loss….

All my desperate attempts to revive and rekindle it seem useless and in vain.

My heart aches more than words can say, and still I wonder must I really walk away.

Why aren’t my feet moving ? Why is there still a wish of hope ?

Why complicate a future with all that was in the past…..

I can only pray that what is sometimes lost, is sometimes found again.

What a bliss it is to feel, that warm and fuzzy feeling called:  LOVE.

Any day, and everyday, I will welcome it back, yet always with that fear that it may just like that, again, disappear….

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