Turned 38…to the tune of my daughters’ first contrived song lyrics. What a delight !!! I don’t think I’ve ever felt that emotionally struck, or is it because I’m growing older !? The sentiment of it all hit a chord in my heart and out flowed the tears of happiness and great pride. I must say my kids aren’t perfect, because no one is or should be,  but they have their heart in the right place and that’s what counts !!

It’s not even a week later and already I am showing signs of old age…my shoulder is excruciatingly painful and I’m probably suffering from some sort of infection or other, which makes it hard to do almost anything, from strapping on my bra in the mornings to finding a comfortable position to fall a sleep in at night. But as we all know life goes on and I’m pretty sure there are much worse things I could be suffering from. So, even though I’m in pain, I’m thankful it’s a temporary thing.

Now that I’m nearing my fortieth birthday, slowly but surely, time seems to leap instead of steadily move along like it used to. Why is that ?! Why does it feel like I’m already halfway through life ?! I’m not quite sure I like it, I don’t enjoy the idea that I may be entering the latter half of it all. That my youthful years may lie behind me, as if ‘season one’ of my life is finished and ‘season two’ is about to air, and as commonly known, season two never seems to outshine the first one.

So what awaits in the second half of life ?! Through the agitation of what may come, I also feel an utter calm. A feeling of peace, that seems to grow within me as the days, months and years keep ticking away. The satisfaction of having brought children into the world is a great one. Something I am proud of and still enjoy every single day being a stay at home mother.

Realising that even though we are no longer a family that lives under one roof together, we will always be connected by that essential word ..‘family’, even though in time we will all end up going our separate ways. There is nothing that can break the bond we have and ‘coming home‘ will always mean the same. Because in essence we are ‘fund-and-mentally’ linked for life.

So, having fixed my shoulder with a shot of cortisone ( a medication I used to associate with ‘old people’ ..). I can once again fold laundry, clean, cook, make love and kick some ass !!

Determined to make the bestpart two, possible, I proceed through my midlife crisis and enjoy the craziness  that comes with it, for there is no way, I will go back to being the boring young girl that I used to be.

In life, unlike in the movies, I think it may actually only get better !!!

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