Mr. Hunky Dory Pagent

Last Thursday we held the Mr. Hunky Dory Pagent and in doing so decided to raise some money and awareness for breast cancer research, and so we made it a funfilled charity event !
Most of the fun was in the preparation of it all. One of my best friends and I went into town Tuesday on our quest for the perfect gift to give to our winning contestant. Seeing as it was only men competing, we could think of only one theme of interest…sex. So off we went to the sex shop to buy a prize worthy gift.

We couldn’t quite find the shop and decided to call my friend’s husband and ask him for directions. This led to a lunch date with him in town…..we agreed to meet him in a cosy restaurant next to the sexshop. My friend and I chose a table to sit at and were suddenly bulleted by sugar cubes…the culprits were two men sitting upstairs, one a friend and aquaintance, the other I had only met once before. They too joined us at our table and we started telling them about our Mr. Hunky Dory Pagent and Pink Ribbon cause with great enthousiasm. The guy I hardly knew suddenly offered me dvd’s, as many as I would like he said. I didn’t quite get it and wondered what it was he was actually offering me, but without letting on that I had no clue, I kept the conversation going and told them all about our intent for the pagent. Again he offered me dvd’s this time he asked me how many I would need …20…, 30… and that I could pick them up right after lunch as he had them at the office. By this stage, I really wanted to know what kind of dvd’s he was talking about, so I cautiously asked him. Everyone at the table started laughing, and as it turns out, he organizes the erotic fairs and he was offering me sextapes. I’m afaid I felt truly naive, but I thanked him and took him up on his offer !!

Thursday….the ex, our kids and I went to hang up all the balloons and the Mr. Hunky Dory Pagent  2010 banner, which was kindly donated to me by the ex. – I think he still thought I was going to be Mr. Hunky Dory’s prize and he was probably happy to finally be getting rid of me once and for all ! 😉

We started off our festivities with a girly dinner at the Chinees restaurant and then we were off to the café hosting our event! I pinned all the women with home made pink ribbons and started my search for Mr. Hunky Dory’s. Two men offered to do a catwalk show on the bar practically straight away, and as promised they got on the bar, and gave us a fantastic show…hips and waists moving rythmically to the music, and then all of a sudden T.shirts were taken off !! I think they loved the attention and therefore gave us a great performance !
Off I was to look for more willing contestants…a few guy friends had promised me they would go on the ‘catwalk’ for me, to get the party going, but when I approached them, they seemed extremely hesitant and resistant and asked me to get some other ‘fools’ to do an act first. So off I was…and I found 3 wonderful young guys who told me that they thought it was a fantastic cause and they soon got on the bar and gave us an amazing dance show ! I was so proud of them, so young….yet so willing to do something good for a worthwhile cause !
I approached my guy friends once again and asked them to take the stage, but to my great disappointment, they declined…I couldn’t believe it…but nothing I said changed their minds.

One of the two big guys that started the whole thing off won the Mr.Hunky Dory Pagent, he is now the proud owner of …an inflatable ‘pleeeep’.  The young guys were awarded the second prize and I am sure they too will put their gifts to good use !

All in all we had a fantastic evening, with many donations and lots of happy people. Who knows we may even have a Mr. Hunky Dory Pagent 2011 next year…. 😉

For those of you who were paying attention…and were wondering what happened to the sextapes.. sometime at around 2am they disappeared out of a paperbag in no time !! 😉

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