Natural Disaster

For some reason, all around me couples are splitting up and deciding life is better on their own or with someone new. Relationships seem to have become as disposable as ‘chicklets’. Very tasty and good to start off with, yet after a while they become stale and bland.

It makes me wonder if that’s how it’s supposed to be. After all, why bother recycling, if we can get something new or different. Something that helps us feel as happy as a small kid with a new toy ! Something that feels everlasting again, exciting and fun, like any new challenge does. Put that against your ragged old doll, and the choice seems crystal clear for some.

The pain caused by these decisions is, afterall, only momentary, and sometimes slightly one-side. Often we’re left scarred for life, in some way or other, yet we adapt, accept and keep going, because there simply is no other road to take.

It’s a strange feeling to be further along the road than some, yet behind on others. It’s even stranger that this has become such a frequented road in our modern day society. Seeing that people around me are having to go through the agony of separation and the despair of a broken heart and family, is frustrating to say the least. For many of us it’s so recognizable, and even though it is a well known fact that the ‘survival’ rate is high, the healing process takes time, so much time.

Is the grass truly greener on the other side ?!
Or does that field also need to be regularly looked  after,weeded, treated and appreciated ? I’m afraid the answer to this is a simple one, even so as human beings we can be so oblivious to the obvious.

I have desperately tried to explain the intricate consequences of these seemingly simple choices to those making them, but somewhere a point is reached when it’s impossible for them to ‘see’ things with their ‘old’ eyes and ‘former’ beliefs.

The newness blurs what is rather not seen.

To those of you out there going through hurtful break ups, and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel. Please know that one day, you will breathe again, the sun will shine again, and life starts blooming in your barren heart.
I know that it may be a meagre consolation when life and love seem wasted. But like after a great fire, or volcanic eruption when earth and soil become so much more fertile and prosperous, so do we after this ‘natural’ disaster!!

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