Spring Cleaning

Apparently it brings order to the mind to do a bit of spring cleaning once in a while. Having spent three weeks in Bahrain, feeling like the Queen of Sheba, I decided upon return to my own castle that it was time for some serious cleaning and clearing.

I had the will, but no idea where to start, you see, once you begin re-organizing stuff around, it looks and feels like an atomic bomb just hit the insides of your house. Everything has lost it’s place and awaits a new spot with great anticipation. Every item is strictly judged and it is decided whether it earns a place in the great fort or if it gets an honourable spot in a grey bag, destined for the garbage container. Every useless item hit me with amazement as to why I had kept hoarding all this insignificant junk. Years of accumulation and impulsive shopping spree’s are the culprit of this mess, I’m afraid. Why we humans feel the need to collect and keep so much is a riddle to me.

I decided to be ruthless.

Everytime I ploughed through a room of chaos and disorder and slowly but surely reorganized it, I felt a little bit of uncluttering in my cerebral space too. Funny how that works. It’s a load off your schoulders. A breath of fresh air. A move in the right direction. In short, ORDER.

Like a puzzle which at first seems juggled and mixed up, slowly but surely structure appears and it becomes apparent what the (big ) picture is. So, as I created order, room by room, I slowly uncluttered my mind of all the useless mess it was stuffed with. It became clear to me that I was going about things the wrong way. Not only was I now taking care of my household, but I was also letting go of many emotions that had gotten stuck or just stowed away. What a relief and what a sense of ‘clarity’ appeared.

Just like you realize that some old stuff is just really never going to be used ever again, you realize that letting go and moving on isn’t scary but a wonderful enlightment !!

So my castle is now nearly spic and span, at least until the next spring cleaning frenzy ! 😉

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