Spring has sprung

As I shake the remaining autumn leaves off the eagerly budding plants I realise that winter never really made an appearance this year. The cold never set in and it was a mild ending and beginning of a year, in every sense of the word. The air was mostly soft and tepid even during the few ferocious storms that nearly blew our heads off. As if the gales were there especially to cleanse the skies, and leave us all with a breath of fresh air and fanned hearts. In a way, I think it did just that. I remember standing outside breathing; just breathing in, and breathing out, each breath filled with the rage and calmness of the storm that playfully collided into place right inside of me.

It calmed my life and helped it to settle into what has become quite a comfortable setting. Not much ‘living la vida loca’ anymore, but a lot more joy and acceptance towards life itself. Friends come and go, just as the seasons do. Some very profound friendships didn’t survive whereas others unexpectedly made an entry straight into my heart and still remain there for the time being. As the warmer weather is teasingly coming round the corner, I realise that life truly blooms once spring arrives…

Not only do the birds and the bees go looking for a playful mate, so do we! It’s part of the ritual of spring and cycle of life. A bud signifies the promise of something new. With a sassy determination to look good and always ready to seduce you with its luscious scent. The never-ending circle is right back to where it begins each and every year; just like that – spring has sprung.

I love this time of year, when the fruit trees blossom in their softest shades of pastel colours. White and pink Magnolias decorating lawns with their almond-like majestic flowers. Whenever I take my puppy out for a walk, I take a peek at this magical season called spring, which definitely has me under its spell. A rush of joy and excitement overflows me and titillates the promise of things to come.

It gives us all a chance to start over, and a reason to open our eyes and ears, to see and hear new things as our senses get tickled into hope and novelty. There isn’t a more natural time of year for any being to evolve, to enjoy life, to breathe-in courage and to feel love.

So, if you’re anything like me: and want to brush off some of the wintry-comfort-coating. Just indulge in the bold beauty of spring and look forward to the blooming opportunities that may grace your life this year!

I’m not about to nip this springtime in the bud, since it’s brought me a breeze of inspiration that has settled on my shoulders and with that I’ve been inspired to write some more…

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