Stepford Syndrome

What is it with women that everything needs to be a competition?

Who is the prettiest?
Who is the thinnest?
Who is the smartest? 
Who has the best hair?
Who married the best husband?
Who has the greatest kids?
Who is the best mother?
Who is the best cook?
Who has the best life……

For Pete’s sake …anything and everything is compared, judged and reviewed !! Why? Why does one woman need to be the best in anything or everything? Why isn’t it ok, that some are successful in certain areas, at certain times, whereas others are brilliant in other areas and other times….!!

I keep noticing this trend more and more, and fear it can only lead to disappointment and unhappiness. No one is perfect and that’s more than FINE …having to prove yourself to other women friends is an exhausting task. One that no one will be able to achieve. Save yourself the trouble please and just enjoy your own life and your own goals. No matter how other women might think you SHOULD be doing things, choose your own path as it is YOU and only YOU that needs to live, YOUR life !!!

Why is it that some women feel better when they put other women down and bitch about them? If I’m truly honest about this and do a soul search for answers, the only thing that comes to mind is:  


A nasty women’s trait, is to hide one’s own insecurity by focusing on another woman’s insecurity !! Somehow it elevates you from your miserable self by deflecting on an even more miserable soul. We turn our diet starved bodies into hungry feeders on other women’s misery and misfortune, which in turn leaves those poor souls drained of any energy and hit by disillusion. Slowly one will calculatedly suck the life out of the other…

I see this happening all the time, lately, women seem so unsatisfied with their own lives that it is becoming more and more acceptable to bully themselves into other women’s lives in an effort to make some of those, often struggling, women more miserable than themselves.

I am far from perfect, realise it and have often stated it or admitted it. I too feel the pressure, due to many aspects in my life that do not coincide with ‘the perfect picture’, of the Stepford Syndrome.
Some days are tougher than others, some days are extremely good and happy ones. Being quite open about this to the ‘outside world’ makes me vulnerable in the ‘criticism-department’, obviously. When you make something public everyone will have an opinion and because of  a wonderful weapon called ‘freedom of speech’ I am often an easy ‘target’. HOWEVER, please remember that behind the black and white text is an actual human being with feelings and insecurities too.

Which brings me back to the whole perfect woman (Stepford-Wife-Syndrome) issue that we keep dumping on each other….No need to be friends with every woman in your life, just be nice, polite, caring, or just mind your own business, and work on your own insecurities before you go around judging others on theirs. And so dear women friends, let’s not be in competition but complement each other where needed !!!  Nobody is perfect and to be honest, I quite like it that way.

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