The life of Riches 2….

If you thought the tales of the rich were over and done with in my last ‘Riches’ blog, then I’m afraid you’ve been left with a wrong impression. Many more shall follow !!

Last week I had the pleasure of enjoying a ladies lunch in a beautiful countrylike setting, it was a ‘bring your own delicious dish’  theme and for some reason women my age seem to crave sweetness, so there was plenty of cream, strawberries, merengue, cake and chocolate…!!

I makes me wonder if this is a lack of sex, warmth and heartfelt comfort at this age…then again, it may just have been coincidence…

Whilst enjoying the scrumptious food, we chitter-chattered about life’s challenges big and small. One of us has breast cancer, another has so many kids that we can hardly keep track of their activities anymore and yet another is actively looking for a job, the rest is stuck somewhere in the middle… and then there’s me, ‘the single one’. All of us provided the group with plenty of discussion material to entertain the whole luncheon-ordeal ! In the ongoing conversation I found out that apparently we not only have gardeners to trim and cut our lawns these days, but deer have also been spotted in this neighbour-robin‘-hood of wealth !!! Yes, ‘deer’….as in Rudolf, the rednosed reindeer… I could not believe my ears for I never imagined such a noble animal trotting down these ‘foul’ rich grounds, let alone trusting us with their calves whilst mother dear deer is off to hunt!!

Having spent the afternoon lunching and lounging….I went home, carrying a pretty full tummy of contentment with my life. The thing is…no matter what situation you’re in, it’s all about seeing and aknowledging the positives !!(Yes, I know I keep repeating that….it’s called a mantra.)

So….this week, during a night out with the girls, we were discussing weekend plans and one of my friends had the most brilliant idea, she was planning a trip to the beach with the kids and another friend and why not have a beach bbq ?! And not JUST a beach bbq, no…..a portable one !!! Yes, I can see you imagining this tiny ‘use only once apparatus’, but no, when we talk beach bbq around here, we mean business, and so a huge Weber ‘full option bbq’ is packed onto a special towing device at the back of the Range to join the beachgirls on their outing. Afterall an afternoon at the beach in late summer is not complete without one !! And because so many of the men around here have no time at the weekend to join in this funfilled family outing, due to their golfing and sailing activities….the bbq is ‘girl-friendly’ !!!

You gotta love my friends, they all know how to re-invent life each and every time !!

After that much laughter over the portable bbq-trailer, a much needed visit to the loo was required. The staircase to and from the toilets was pretty steep the first time round, so I was a bit nervous now, having had a few drinks…but this place wouldn’t prove it’s decadence if it didn’t have an elevator …..and so, with a quick press on the button, we flew from ground floor to first(class) and back.

Towards the end of the evening and without even having had a drink too many, I realised that all the men looked alike, they were all just different versions of each other …one a little thinner than the other, another a bit older than the other, some a bit taller and slightly more handsome. All ‘extreem-look-a-likes’ . You’d think it would make it easier to choose from, just pick and pluck what you want, but what happens if, like in my case, it just isn’t your type-of-guy ???  Well, you go home and sleep on him it.

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