“You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” 

This sentence has been haunting in my mind lately…. Why is it that honesty is such a rare trait? How difficult can it be to just be straight about what you feel or what you think. Are we so out of touch with our own feelings and emotions that we cannot provide an honest answer or honest reaction to what we face in life?  Has life become so shallow that we only react within the perimeters of our own stereotype.. too afraid of what others might think, and how they may react? Afraid of judgement and exclusion or rejection? Afraid of hurting others? But mostly afraid of our own self? Of who we might actually be?
Yet prepared to suffer the consequences created by these dishonest misconceptions. Only to create an even bigger web of self torture.
We tend to think that by avoiding the truth we avoid pain, but the opposite is what we achieve. Hence, making the truth something doubtful, because if we can’t face it in a negative situation, we sure as hell can’t believe it in the positive sense. Leaving it nowhere to be found.
After having put up protective barriers the size of the Wall of China – to safeguard my heart from pain – I realised that all they did was keep people out and make my heart a lonesome place. So much so that even the ones that tried to conquer it, lost the battle and walked away defeated by exhaustion…. After that realisation, I decided that it was going to be all or nothing, what you see is what you get, no hidden agenda, no fear, no pretending to be something I’m not. Pure and simple, ME.
I never, for one second thought that that would be an even tougher road to take. Not everybody is ready for the unplugged version. Some people hover in the comfort of ‘make-believe’….and maybe that is what I did too, for the longest time. Only to find that it doesn’t work, it’s a denial stage of what we truly feel and who we really are. We play hide and seek from our own truth by creating a ‘secure’ sense of being – pretending we’re someone we’re not…..under the cloak of – ‘who’s kidding who’ or better yet ‘I’m kidding me AND you’. We hide from personal pain and anguish in there, and tell ourselves it’s just a coping mechanism to survive, and that all we need is time. 
But it’s NOT. Time is essential yes…but time to hide from what we honestly feel is wasted time!! 

The best way to deal with what comes your way in life, whether it’s good or bad, in my humble opinion is by honestly reacting to it. Reach within your soul and feel what YOU feel. Be real and truthful about this to yourself and others and you will find that it magically uncomplicates life. It will not protect you from any negative or positive emotion, but I assure you FEELING….. really FEELING any emotion makes you come alive !!! 

May we all dare to dive into our guts for honesty and realise that within it lies the key to self and mutual respect. 

So unplug yourself from expectations and let the truth set you free !! 

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