Mr. Dick Head

We all know the type, or have met one at some time in our lives and they’re usually not that hard to miss, as their gigantic ego’s precede them. They love to talk about ‘ME, MYSELF and I’…mostly bragging about the women they have conquered as if they are God’s gift to us. Usually preying on the weak and vulnerable, as no strong woman in her right mind would even consider such a self-absorbed-excuse-of-a-man.

Not so long ago, I met the leader of the pack, I had encountered a few Mr. Dick Heads in the past, but none this sophisticated. This guy was a master at it. He knew exactly what to say to tickle your senses, and trigger your curiosity, only to find that within 5 minutes into a conversation, it was all about HIM. He managed to lure you into a false sense of comfort, by throwing in just enough sweet ‘bates’ and ‘I’m such a good guy compared to the rest’ anecdotes. I’m ashamed to admit it, but at first I fell for it… as if intoxicated by his deceiving good looks. I patiently listened to all his (bullshit) tales of rescued damsels in distress. Every female on earth seemed to fall at his feet and beg to be taken and of course, he complied. He was a terrific salesman, closed the deal with great suave, yet he was nowhere to be found once the deed was done.

Like a praying mantis grasping and devouring his prey yet escaping the fate of death by cautiously picking out the most fragile and defenceless creatures. Mr. Dick Head superior enjoyed the quick satisfaction, nothing long term or remotely complicated although he was convinced of his own spiritual depths.

It turned out, he was a ‘Shallow Hal’, his interests were only skin deep and short lived. I have no idea how a person actually survives on just the artificials, but they exist. After a few (failed) attempts at ‘getting into my pants’, so to speak, I ended up getting told how terribly fucked up I was, and that I needed to change BIG TIME if I wanted to function properly in this society.


Well….after the initial shock and slight feeling of uneasiness as I wondered for a second if he may actually be right, I concluded that : I am better than this, and he was probably just pissed off that I wouldn’t budge into a horizontal state of fornication, well sod him. I may still be single and not very good at relationships, but I will not be verbally bullied into a ‘use-me-and-dump-me‘ position pretending to call it ‘society’.
I bet he now regrets having once praised my great writing skills……

If you screw around with this ‘loca’ ….you get nailed Mr. Dick Head.

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