Woman of the World

About two weeks ago, something absolutely amazing and totally unexpected fell right in my lap!

I had spontaneously sent an e-mail after reading an appeal for Dutch women writers worldwide initiated by a well known women’s magazine in Holland. (LINDA.) I thought, ‘nothing to lose, right’, so I sent my short introductory e-mail with a link to my blog. A little over an hour passed and suddenly my in-box lit up and to my biggest surprise, I had received a reply!

I was out having lunch with my parents at that exact moment and I found myself reading the e-mail out loud, stuttering out the words as I read along. OMG!!! Apparently I fit the profile, and they would soon send me more information. I read and re-read the e-mail several times and still could not believe it! My spontaneous letter had hit a chord and I was in!

From that moment on, my life changed completely. As a matter of fact, my entire world literally opened up! I was thrown into a pool of extremely interesting Dutch women residing worldwide.

All of a sudden, everything fell into place. Having been an expat kid all of my childhood life, I had seen so much of the world, and tasted so many different cultures. And now after 20 years of living in Belgium, luck threw me back out into the world and gave me a chance to voice myself. Not only that, but I get to nostalgically relive many wonderful memories abroad.

I had instantly become a ‘woman of the world’ and quickly met many other interesting women. Just like that, passionate, delightful and thriving women entered my small world, or did we enter each others world? Fact is, our worlds blended and with that, all country boundaries disappeared! We are one amazing group of women, each with our own talents, skills and dedications. Yet we are all the same, as we thrive to share with the world, that which is important to us, as women, mothers, humans.

You see, no matter how far apart we are, one thing joins us together and that is the eagerness to connect, whether we connect to a large group, a family, a partner or to ourselves, it’s that power within ourselves that makes it happen. That which makes any dream come true. And that which is realised when others dream that dream too. Alone we stand but together we move the world!

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