Life of Riches 3

Time to discuss the wealthy life of our youth !! Living in this luxurious small piece of the country, it’s only logical that even our children’s lives are affected by our acquired richdom. From baby Ugg’s to Dolce Gabbana play outfits for garden parties. Why buy cheap if you can buy brands, and what better way to show how much money you actually have than by spending it on useful/less outfits for ever careful and grateful kids. Always keeping in mind that we’re actually helping others, for the invested outfits will be donated as ‘nearly-new’ or  ‘worn-only-once’ to the poor, because when you have so much to choose from, nothing gets worn (out) !! I’m sure the children of third world countries have much use for these juicy, well marketed  brands, if only to alphabetize themselves !

I contemplated slowly introducing you to the world of children’s parties, but there is just no way of keeping it subtle. They range from full blown outings to Disney Land in Paris with a handful of  brats darlings; to a cosy home ‘happening’ with their favorite artist on stage. Children adapt so easily don’t they, it’s so cute to hear them say that they’ve seen it all a thousand times before. How rich and valuable their lives have been so far, who else can boast about this at their age and how lucky they are.

We fulfill their every need, hoping that for a little while they will be satistfied, but each time it turns out a new rage finds it’s way into the schools and shops. Of course all the other parents have caved in and  supplied their kids with the new goodies, so we cannot be left behind. The toy shops we no longer dare to enter for fear of knowing  that we will not reach the exit without a handful of expensive items that will be old news tomorrow. Our children pleading to us that this time will be the last time they beg us for anything. Of course we believe them, and to stop their pain, we provide them with just that little bit more.

To make sure they not only receive material love, we accommodate them with plenty of sports and extra curricular activities, preferably driven by a nanny or carpool-mom-team. Never forgetting that we need to take our own ‘zen’ time-out, for qualitative family time, later…

There is one thing that remains, unfeigned, and that is our love for them, for no matter how spoiled our children become, they are a product of ourselves and we will always love them. I can’t help but wonder though, whether we are producing loveable human beings, or abominable ‘aliens’, who may never again settle into what life on this earth should be about to begin with. I guess in 20 years I will be able to provide us all with a more accurate answer, although something tells me, we may not want to know this outcome.

For now let’s party on and keep the indulgence level as high as possible, we wouldn’t want the next door neighbour to think we care less about our kids than they do about theirs, would we ?! 😉

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