Naked Truth

Fashion dictates all over body issues….how we look, what we wear, what is accepted and acceptable; and yes, even what is underneath all that… !!!

Great changes have taken place since I went into puberty…from wild natural bushes, to elegantly trimmed acres and smooth silky pastures. Weird how something so primal can go through such an evolution. How does it happen and why ?! Do we feel that nothing needs covering up anymore ?! Or is it a desire to rid ourselves of our primaeval heritage ?! And if so, why ….?!

Do we find the need to expose that which is hidden because life is complicated enough and it seems our only and most natural way to show our true colours, and purity…. Or is it only a desire to look and feel good. Do these trends occur maninly early on in new relationships, and do they last ?! Asking around, I have noticed that not everybody is up to date with the latest fashion ‘between the sheets’. Some couldn’t be bothered and feel that after years of marriage, there is no need for refreshing cuts πŸ˜‰ afterall, there ‘should’ be no comparison right ?!

No…not ‘right’, as nowadays anything and everything can be ‘googled’ !!! So the latest fashion in hair ‘down under’ is available to all those keen enough to type a search for it. Images included !!

Why we sometimes go through the trimming ‘torture’ remains puzzling, as it is not comfortable to wax, smelly and nearly lethal to ‘Veet’, and very sensitive to shave daily not to mention extremely itchy the day after ;-). And I haven’t even begun to talk about ingrown hair follicles, rashes or all the various shapes and sizes in womens- in-between-the-legs -‘creations’.

We take things far as human beings, men have started shaving all over too, areas, that to me seem unmanly when hairless, but the trend is set and people follow. There are individuals who feel that after the succes of snow white teeth, anus bleaching is the way to go, no offence but who cares how perky and ‘blond’ buttholes look ?! Some even go to the extremities of vagina regenarations, whereby everything is ‘tightend’ back into teen proportions …..somehow this sounds very pedophile to me.

All for what ?! A better sex life ….I wonder, because  a great sex life  involves passion, desire and if you’re lucky, plenty of love. Things that don’t seem fazed by the exterior looks or fashion statements of your new found lover.

However, does what ‘goes’ have to be followed or do we do what we feel is best, and most convenient ? Should that be convenient to us or to the other person ?! Of course ‘flossing’ should be done with proper dental floss, but other than that, I see no other real problem with which style we choose to go for. How far do we go to ‘please’….and how much of a sacrifice and effort do we make ?!
Does it influence the magic between two people or is it just a seductive method, to attract the other sex and confrim our own idleness. New partners take time to get used to, to adjust to each other’s likes and dislikes, to learn the tricks of the trade. A voyage of great exploration, fun and pleasure. We embark on this mission in the hope that our fashion statement will get us what we want, yet somewhere along the journey, we realize that what we want may not be stated in that fashion !!!

It has been a marvelously funny and enlightening quest, I would like to extend special thanks to those who shared plenty of ‘views’ and details !! πŸ˜‰ May you peak in great style !!!

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  1. Hahaha Ernst ….it was a long time coming πŸ˜‰
    (and many funny and great times and conversations with friends !!!) Groetjes !!!

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