Stuck in the Moment

Find myself struck and stuck, not because I have no stories left to tell but because after my ‘Heart Locked’ blog, all emotion seems to have hit the ‘off‘ button. So the next fase sets in and I suppose it leaves me pondering… and wondering…the question this time being…

‘Now what’ !!

I realise that this will most probably be a temporary state of mind, yet find myself feeling a bit uneasy as it might just be a bigger breath to hold this time. Feeling stuck in the moment…seeing no exit. Emotions locked away, safe and sound. Living day by day, moment by moment, no aspiration for more. Perfectly content, yet with the knowledge that hiding away feelings is most probably not the wisest way to go.

Is it possible, that I’m enjoying life, without sharing it ?! Without the longing to share it ….between two drawn souls. No need for that extra pair of everything, no need for another heart’s warmth. Just living the moment, without loss, or disappointment, learning to be just me and slowly falling in love with that.

Stuck in the eye of life’s storm, with a chance to soon be struck again, or maybe, just maybe, my pondering thoughts, may help it last… a little longer, long enough to get unstuck in the middle. Wondering the purpose of this pauze, as it baffles the brain yet leaves me with calm ease and tranquility.

Having time and space, to get unstuck from this momentary lapse may be the only cure, and best way out…of something I’m not sure I want to leave behind.

Looking left and right, front and back, but twirling in the midst of it, till the twirl’s undone. Will I then have reached the ‘unstuck’ ?!

To all the stuck, I know this blog is crystal clear and to all others it must be a complete and utter ‘fog blog’. My apologies for that but cannot provide you with anymore clarity of mind or matter. It is what it is, and it will be what it will be…for as long as it shall be. Live to the boundaries, close the exits, remove the doubts and warm the hearth. Welcome to the basics of love.

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