Wishful Thinking

To many of you this may sound very odd and maybe even slightly shocking, but I have noticed that my ‘vida loca’ is not only frequently read and followed online by hard core fans, (yes, I actually have some ‘fans’).
In ‘real’ life I’ve aquired the undivided attention of a few pre-teenage youngsters. Their concern for my ‘date quest’ is undoubtedly one of the truest and purest  forms of curiosity around.

Every Wednesday afternoon, as I have mentioned before in my blogs, I am at the local fieldhockey club. And for the past few weeks, I have noticed that I have been getting a greater number of very devoted ‘followers’ …I sit on the bench outside, mostly trying to enjoy the sun and company of friends, yet also sharing my weeks adventures or dilemmas. A group of girls aged around 9 and 10, slowly started ‘evesdropping’ on my conversations, and by now they see me coming…. rush over to my table to join me and they listen to me with great interest….all-ears-and-chins-on-hands-elbows-on-the-table. They join in once in a while with their own comments and opinions.. so too, happened last week when I was looking for a date to take to the Ball. The girls suggested hanging up posters around the clubhouse, paying someone (to me this seemed a bit over the top, but the girls seemed to think nothing of it..), and one of them even offered me her dad…(although, she rightly thought it may not be appropriate as he is married to her mom ! ;-)).

I have tried to ‘shoo’ these girls away on many occasions, as I feel that this may be too complicated a topic for them, but it seems that they have been briefed very well, on our current social values these days ! I am often approached by them, only to be asked ….’have you found someone yet ?!’ or……’did you have a good time at the Ball’ ? It is utterly sweet, yet somewhat eerie that I am now becoming a kind of  ‘dating-basket-case’ for these young apprentices!!

I have, of course tried to inform the girls’ parents of their keen interest in me and my ‘sagas’ but they don’t seem to mind, so I continue to ‘educate’ the girls with my newly acquired knowledge of men, dating and all else that is of importance when one is searching for Mr. Right.

This last week for example I attempted to point out to them that, what one must look for in a man should firstly be ‘hunky doriness’. (Yes….I’m shallow and superficial…so what !?!). His looks are important, not necessarily to anyone else, but certainly to you !

So, to put this into practice we found ourselves a target ‘hunky dory’ guy and observed….

I guess this lesson was a little too soon or complex for the girls, as they migrated away. Which left single-mom-me and one of my best friends infatuated with the chosen ‘hunky dory’ guy! Giggling away like teeange girls and discussing the pro’s and con’s of a relationship with such a guy, was just the beginning of an afternoon of great joy ! We went for ‘looks’ and ‘sex-appeal’ but I’m afraid there is the issue of him being far too young and us being far too old to drool over him …. ok, it’s not a great a gap as Demi and Ashton, (yes the famous Hollywood stars….) but still….I don’t look like Demi and the hunky dory guy…well, he is a version of Ashton in my Wednesday-afternoon-vida-loca perception 😉 !

I have since then been laughed at, encouraged and totally declared insane for even daring to think about Mr. Hunky Dory in such a way. There is of course the slight ‘problem’ that Mr. Hunky Dory has no idea I even sit and drool over him, (and with me enough other girlfriends I might add !!! as I am not the only midlife drooler out there ! ). The fact that this is a totally one sided ‘fantasy’…. for there is understandably no way in the world Mr. Hunky Dory would even consider taking a peek at me, makes this an even more unlikely lopsided case!!

So, for next weeks session with my pre-teenage fans, I have decided I will educate them about what to do when after 4 years of solitude one becomes so desperate as to start drooling over a much-too young-unreachable-good-looking guy…. and yes, I think I will have to do quite some research on this topic, as I seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place on this one.

Like last time, it seems wise to start off our weekly session asking the girls to suggest what one should do when one finds oneself in such an unlikely yet wishful situation. …and maybe, just maybe….they will surprise me yet again, and give me the best advice available on this temporary infatuation of mine. 😉

If not..I will have had to come up with my own theories on this, and for now, I’m afraid I have none. Just wishful thinking….;-)

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